August 4, Day 105 – Work hard, party harder

I woke up on a bed, on a dock, on a lake. It was surreal. We got out of bed around 6 then headed inside to be treated to eggs and huckleberry pancakes. The huckleberries were fresh picked from local bushes this week. I was in heaven. We left the house around 7 and were hiking by 7:30. This was a little later than I’d like for a day we planned on doing 48 miles but we love a good challenge. Today presented us with a decent amount of climbing, rocky trail and smoky skies. Most of the afternoon was spent in a burn area. It wasn’t the ideal hiking day but we still had fun with it. Wiesel Dick had just gotten wireless earbuds so we each put one in and took turns picking songs. Approach was in front of us all day listening to an audiobook. The three of us made pretty good time but the last 20 miles were tougher than expected. The burn area also came with lots of blow downs. I ended up getting to “camp” alongside highway 62 at 11:15. Everyone else went into the campground but I didn’t feel like messing with trying to find it and walking more. Work smarter not harder. I ripped a huge hole in the top of my brand new shoes but they should still last me the 4 days and 160 mile to Bend. As I post this, I’m still wearing the shoes, 600 miles later. Hopefully my replacements show up in the mail tomorrow

Miles: 47.5 Total Miles: 1820.9

Sometimes the trail isn’t pretty. It makes us really appreciate the good times.

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