August 3, Day 104 – Lakehouse party

Approach and I woke up next to a trail angels van. We slept in, waiting for the trail angel to get set up. Once she seemed ready for company, we headed over and started devouring snacks and sodas. We also waited for Rambo and Surefoot to show up. Wiesel Dick was supposed to be behind us too but he got up early and started hiking at 4 so he could get to the road to Lake of the Woods early. Approach and I hiked near each other the rest of the day and when we got to the road to Lake of the Woods, all plans went out the window. We got Wiesel Dicked.

This wasn’t such a bad thing. Wiesel Dick is notorious for doing really fun stuff. The houseboat we went on was thanks to him and now we were being entertained with the offer of dinner and a boat ride at a lake house. We had tried to resist and stay on trail but he is really hard to say no to. I’ve never regretted going on one of his crazy adventures and this time was no different. We went to the restaurant for pizza and root beer floats then headed to a friend of his lake house for more food and drinks. We ended the night with a scenic boat ride and watching Talledega Nights on the dock. We didn’t do as many miles as we originally planned but we smiled a lot today.

Miles: 22.7 Total Miles: 1718.7

Headed down to the dock for sunset. Photo credit to Approach.

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