August 2, Day 103 – This is going to be fun

I had blueberries, ice cream, carrot cake, kombucha, chocolate milk and cookie dough for breakfast. I needed the breakfast of champions with the hiking plan we had today: 32 miles after 1pm. We got our resupply done, went to the gear store, mailed some packages and got some pastries before heading to trail. Rambo had a car for us to use from a family friend and we were able to get our chores done fairly quickly. She then was able to drive us to trail. Approach and I got off to a hot start and left Rambo and Surefoot in the dust. They showed up at the next 2 water sources right as we were leaving and didn’t see them the rest of the day. With Approach in lead, we averaged over 3 miles an hour for 9.5 hours. The trail was also very flat and the biggest climb we had for the day was under 1,000 feet. Oregon is going to be a lot of fun of it stays like this.

Approach and I bought dresses while in Ashland and hiked in them today. We wanted to mix things up in Oregon and have some fun. We got a lot of laughs out of people. I don’t think the dress will be a consistent wardrobe for me but it’s good to get crazy every once in a while. It was a little interesting having to bushwhack in them after a blue blaze gone wrong. We walked a road for a bit thinking we were saving time until we realized we had walked too far and missed our turn. Lucky for us, we enjoy the scenic route and side adventures. This will continue to happen to us throughout Oregon

Miles: 32.0 Total Miles: 1750.7

Approach caught a frog during our nighttime bushwhack and blue blaze.

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