August 1, Day 102 – Celebration Sushi!

Approach, Wow and I got to the highway around 11 and went into Callahans Lodge to get a drink and hopefully find a hitch. While Wow and I ate the leftovers off a strangers plate, a kind man offered to give us a ride up the road to Ashland. We needed to get to Medford to go to REI but we accepted so we could at least get closer. Once in the car we convinced him to go all the way to Medford, where Wiesel Dick and his family were waiting for us for sushi. His mom ended up buying us lunch, the second time for me. She’s an angel. I can see where he gets his generosity. Wiesel Dick then drove us back to Ashland after a trip to REI and Trader Joe’s. We ran a few more errands and relaxed in the hotel for the evening.

We also celebrated Wow finishing the PCT. He had hiked most of it a few years ago but had come back to finish what he started. When he got to Ashland, he was done. I was sad to see him go. We had a lot of fun together in the short time he spent with us but he had other adventures to go on, most importantly the Appalachian Trail. I know I’ll see him again on a trail in the future but the rest of the PCT won’t be the same without him.

Miles: 14.8 Total Miles: 1718.7

Wow and I trying to hitch. This wasn’t from our last day together but I felt it symbolized the type of shenanigans we got into.

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