July 30, Day 100 – The State of Jefferson

Approach, Wow and I all got out of bed pretty early with excitement to get into the town of Seiad Valley. It was a 6 mile road walk and the trail took us through the middle of town. It was pretty convenient to not have to hitch or take a side trail. We spent the rest of the day until 5 relaxing at a restaurant that had couches for us. We were planning on getting back on trail around 2 but a storm started to roll in and milkshakes on a couch were enticing. We finally got out of town around 6 and made it 7 miles to our camp for the night. About 12 of us ended up together in a giant campsite along a road.

The State of Jefferson is a proposed state for Northern California and Southern Oregon. It represents the more rural areas of the two states and the abandonment that felt by the rest of the state. The movement started in the cafe we had breakfast at and there were flags, stickers and signs everywhere. The movement started taking shape in the 1940s but has gained a lot of traction in recent years.

Miles: 13.8 Total Miles: 1663.2

Some days we don’t have great scenery or other adventures. I found this tree situation pretty interesting.

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