July 29, Day 99 – Saying bye to Shasta

We all slept in and got a later start. The clouds made for a nice cool morning with a spectacular view to the south and east. We spent a lot of time on ridges with views of Mt. Shasta. It reminded me a little of the Sierras with all of the jagged peaks and small lakes. Today was the last time we would see Mt. Shasta. Normally, there are spots further up the trail you can see it again but the smoke would prevent that. Wow and I spent most of the day walking together and enjoyed being able to cover miles fast. In the afternoon, we entered Marble Mountain Wilderness and walked through fields of giant marble boulders. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. We finished the day with a long descent into a valley to set ourselves up for a quick jaunt into town in the morning. We got to camp around 9 to find Approach swimming in the river so we jumped right in. We had gotten through pretty overgrown trail and we’re worried about poison oak so I jumped in with all of my clothes on. It was refreshing to feel somewhat clean again.

Miles: 35.8 Total Miles: 1649.4

Looking east around mile 1620

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