July 28, Day 98 – Being present

I caught up to Wow just a mile or two into my day and we got to a road crossing around 10. This road led to Etna and we decided to go back for the 4th time. We had gone through on our way back to trail yesterday but another pastry sounded good. We waited for over an hour before Approach and Rambo showed up. Of course, as soon as the two girls show up, a hitch shows up right after. The four of us hitched into Etna and got pastries and coffee. In total, Wow and I took a 4 hour break. Once back on trail, we all hiked together and cruised through the hills. The weather was nice and the smiles were big. We got to a beautiful lake around 7 and decided to call it a day. The sky was clear so we lined up and all cowboy camped together.

It’s easy to think about the past and future out here. We often reminisce about fun zero days on a houseboat or think about the trail ahead of us. Tonight I tried to not think about that and enjoy the present. We hadn’t spent much time hanging out in camp together due to the higher mileage days we had been doing. It was nice to relax by a lake in the middle of the woods. We all had a magical experience laying in our quilts staring at the stars and laughing late into the night. I don’t think we fell asleep until after 11. Today was probably my favorite day on trail so far.

Miles: 22.8 Total Miles: 1613.6

Wow in the hitch into Etna. He was really happy.

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