July 24, Day 94 – Going for a day hike

As usual, we took our time getting out of town. The bakery was calling our name again as well as the coffee shop. I also bought a new shirt in the thrift shop. After a relaxing morning, we got 2 hitches to get back up highway 3 to the trailhead. We had plans to only go about 25 miles. Of course, plans changed. We got 20 miles in to our day and came across trail magic. They made us burgers and hot dogs and had lots of watermelon. It was just what we needed. Wiesel Dick informed us early in the day that he had a ride for us from Etna to a houseboat on Shasta Lake the next day and so we needed to go back to Etna. The family doing trail magic offered us a ride back in. We went to the brewery for a drink before walking back to the tennis courts for another movie night. We laughed a lot about the fact we were back in Etna for a second time and we actually did a day hike. The next 2 days had us very excited as well.

Miles: 19.7 Total Miles: 1580.0

Surefoot, myself, Wiesel Dick and Rambo enjoying watermelon

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