July 20, Day 90 – Blue blazing

I slept pretty good and was out of camp just after 6. I knew I wasn’t far behind Wow and Wiesel Dick so I didn’t take any breaks until I caught them. Wow ended up being behind me and catching me at the first water source. The 3 of us hiked together most of the day. For lunch, we were treated to an amazing creek. The water was cold but it was hot outside so we all jumped in. It was a little oasis in a pretty dry section. We took a dirt road alternate at the top of the climb after lunch that saved us some time and gave us better views. We were trying to get to town as early as possibly so any alternates were welcome options. We ended up getting to Interstate 5, the road to Shasta City, at 5:45 and immediately finding a hitch. By 6:30, we were eating enchiladas and drinking soda. I’m glad I pushed on because the rest of the crew didn’t get in until almost 10. Those extra few hours are precious relaxation time, most of which were spent soaking our feet in epsom salt or eating ice cream in bed.

Blue blazing is a term for taking alternate routes. They show up as blue lines on the app we use and offer us chances to do side adventures. The one today was a road walk that cut off a few miles of extra walking and offered better views of Mt. Shasta and Castle Crags. We happily did it and got a lot of really good pictures from it. Some people are very against blue blazing and hike every inch of the trail but we are out here to have fun and choose our own adventure so we take alternates when we can.

Miles: 30.5 Total Miles: 1501.2

We found a cool log to stand on for pictures in front of Castle Crags while on the alternate.

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