July 19, Day 89 – Tunnel vision

It’s amazing what a good night of sleep can do out here. I woke up feeling great. As usual, the terrain was gentle so we made miles pretty quickly. When we got to our campsite for the night at mile 25, it was full. We had to push at least another 5 miles to get to a decent site. We all made it and I decided to go a bit further to set myself up for an easier day into town the next day. I slept in a gravel parking lot. The road in was closed so I wasn’t worried about cars and camped in the middle of it.

I didn’t get to camp until 10 so the last hour of my day was spent hiking in the dark. I prefer to be in camp at dark but it is really fun to push miles late at night. Hiking in the dark is a different experience in a lot of ways, for better or for worse. It was really enjoyable tonight since the trail was smooth and clear and I could move quickly downhill. I usually get tunnel vision and focus on just the trail as it lights up before me. This allows me to go faster than I normally would in the daylight. There aren’t any distractions and my mind goes to a sort of zen state. It’s a lot of fun in the right conditions.

Miles: 33.9 Total Miles: 1470.7

Mt. Shasta behind a patch of flowers

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