July 18, Day 88 – Listening to my body

We were ready for our ride from Debbie at 6am sharp. Rambo met her somehow in town and she offered to give us a ride to trail. We started with an easy 8 miles to Berney Falls State Park. Unfortunately their soft serve ice cream machine was down for their scheduled cleaning and we weren’t able to get any. I got a root beer instead. We had an easy 25 mile day planned so we spent an hour loitering at the general store. Around 10 we headed back into the woods. Our next break spot was along a creek and I soaked my feet for 30 minutes. We ended up staying there almost 2 hours. The rest of the day was pretty easy and we finally got some good views of Mount Shasta. We were at camp by 7:15 and in bed by 8:30. We hope to take it a bit easier since we are all slightly injured or nursing some type of injury.

Another reason to take it one day at a time and not make plans is because we have to listen to our bodies. Some days we feel good and want to go fast. Other days we don’t. Today was a slow day. I felt pretty good when I got to camp so my injury isn’t as much of a concern for tomorrow but I will wait until I wake up to make a decision on the miles I want to do.

Miles: 25.5 Total Miles: 1436.8

Microbe, Rambo and I relaxing under a bridge

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