July 14, Day 84 – Smoke on the water

We woke up at Drakesbad excited for breakfast. This soon changed to disappointment as it turned out to be the worst meal we’ve had on trail. After a bad breakfast, we headed out around 9:30. We moved quickly over the flat terrain but my Achilles was really bothering me. It was tight when I went to sleep last night and was even tighter this morning. It was a struggle to walk. I made it about 15 miles before expressing how concerned I was about it to everyone else. I pushed on through the pain and insisted we continue on with our plan to do 30 miles. Due to our late start and my injury, it took us until 1am to get to our desired camping spot. We were pretty exhausted. We also dealt with a lot of smoke when leaving Drakesbad and were concerned about the fire. It cleared up later in the day and we found out we weren’t in any danger. We also got trail magic from the trail angel cafe in the form of a water cache.

Miles: 33.4 Total Miles: 1383.7

Smoke hovering above Lower Twin Lake at mile 1357.6

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