July 13, Day 83 – Lassen Volcanic National Park

I got out of camp at 5:30 so I could try to get to town as soon as possible. Microbe, Rambo and Surefoot got to the road not long after me and we got a hitch from a guy camped in the trailhead parking lot. Just as we were about to leave, Colonel Sanders showed up and got the last available seat. Our first stop was a coffee shop then post office then laundry. I didn’t need to ressuply since I had extra food and Rambo was going to have extra food in her box she would pick up in Drakesbad tonight. Rambo talked up a nice gentleman in town who ended up giving us a ride back to trail around 11. We had 19 miles to go to Drakesbad Resort and ended up getting there around 7:30. Drakesbad is a resort with cabins and a restaurant inside Lassen National Park. Between today and tomorrow, we will be in Lassen for about 20 miles. The trail was kind to us today and pretty smooth.

Miles: 22.3 Total Miles: 1350.3

Admiring the steaming fumaroles in Lassen Volcanic National Park

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