July 12, Day 82 – The halfway point

I was the first out of camp this morning at 6:10. About 20 minutes later I heard a big tree fall and I was really awake then. I was moving pretty quick since we had heard about trail magic 7 miles from where we camped. Gordon, the trail angel, cooked me 3 plates of ham and eggs and also a cheeseburger. Around 6pm we got to the halfway point! It felt a little weird knowing we are only half way but we have a good crew and are ready to tackle the next half. We only did 3.3 more miles after that and made it to camp by 8. It was a pretty easy 29.5 miles today.

The halfway point was daunting. The feeling of being only halfway was both good and bad. It was a little tough knowing that I’m only halfway done and still have a lot of miles to cover. On the other hand, I’m halfway and only have another month and a half or 2 left out here. I’m having the time of my life and I don’t want this experience to end.

Miles: 29.5 Total Miles: 1328.0

Microbe, myself, Rambo and Surefoot at the halfway point, mile 1326.5

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