July 9, Day 79 – Early bird gets the worm

I woke up underneath an information kiosk for the Plumas National Forest, only 25 feet from a 2 lane highway. I pushed last night so that I could camp at the road into Quincy and be able to enjoy a full day without hiking. Hot Pink also camped at the road and we had our thumbs out by 6:15. At 6:30, the second car that came by stopped to pick us up. Our ride was from none other than Patti, the owner of the restaurant we were headed to, Morning Thunder. We got there right at opening and Hot Pink and I were the first 2 at the restaurant. We ordered milkshakes and coffee and enough food to feed 4 people. Microbe, Rambo and Surefoot made it in an hour later and we waited at the restaurant for them. After breakfast, we got all of our chores done and were relaxing in the hotel room by 1pm. We all took showers, did shower laundry (where we wash our clothes in the shower because there’s no laundry facility available) and aired out our gear. That night we picked up food from the brewery and ate it in bed while watching Zoolander. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a town yet. We then watched Burn After Reading but I spent most of that movie updating the blog and browsing the internet. We all fell asleep by 10.

Miles: 0 Total Miles: 1267.9

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