July 10, Day 80 – Feeling the love

Our hotel had a pretty decent grab and go breakfast option so I was there at 6:30. I took it back to the room and had breakfast in bed while I waited for everyone else to wake up. Once they did, we started to make plans for breakfast at Morning Thunder again. We eventually made our way over there and then decided to wait until 3 to leave town. It was over 100 degrees and we had no good reason to push ourselves today. We packed up, got some free ice cream at the toy store, had some unsuccessful shirt shopping trips at thrift stores and then relaxed at the brewery the rest of the day. Pounder, a local trail angel, gave us a ride back to trail. We settled on only doing 8 miles due to the nature of the trail ahead. Tomorrow entails a 25 mile hike down 5,000′ to Belden and then right back up 5000’.

Some trail towns are better than others. Quincy was one that I really enjoyed, mostly because of the people. The town was glad hikers were there. All of the restaurants and stores were full of people wishing us well and showing us love. We may be dirty and stinky but hikers bring a lot of business to small towns. We’ve heard many stories throughout trail that certain businesses wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the hikers. It feels good to spend my money at local businesses that support families in the towns that welcome us so graciously.

Miles: 8.4 Total Miles: 1276.3

Microbe, myself, Hot Pink, Surefoot and Rambo enjoying breakfast at Morning Thunder. We were showered and clean this morning so we were able to sit inside.

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