July 6, Day 76 – Be a hero, don’t take a zero

Hot pink and I got out of camp first around 6:15. We were moving quick and enjoying the terrain, taking one short break about half way through the 11.5 mile stretch we had to get to the road. We got to the road just before 10 and there was a hiker named Stripes celebrating her birthday by giving us trail magic. She had hiked the Tahoe rim trail earlier in the year and wanted to give back. She gave us oranges and electrolyte powder and a ride into town. We didn’t wait for Rambo and Surefoot since they could get a quick ride from Stripes as well. It was only 1.5 miles into town and we went straight to the general store, where we would stay all day. I ordered a breakfast sandwich and drank a 2 liter of root beer. Over the next 7 hours we were in town I also ate a cheeseburger, a vanilla shake, a party size bag of lays potato chips, a sandwich from the deli and 3 tacos. It was too much. We didn’t really do much the rest of the day while in town. We got a ride back to trail from Stripes at 5:30 and I struggled through the first 2 miles with my very full belly. It got better as the sun went down and I hiked more. I got to a beautiful campsite on a ridge around 8:30 and was asleep by 9. The sunset was beautiful tonight and it was great camping alone.

There are 3 ways to spend a day in town: Zero, Nero and Hero. A zero is when you don’t hike at all. A nero is generally when you hike less than 10 miles. A hero is when you build up the strength and willpower to go in and out of town on the same day. It can be easy to sit in town and eat hot food all day but we stayed strong. We did 11.5 miles in and 7 miles out, making us “heroes.”

Miles: 18.5 Total Miles: 1202.4

Sunset view from my campsite at mile 1202.4

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