July 4, Day 74 – You’re a firework

It was nice waking up with a full belly from the trail magic the night before. We all packed up fairly quick and somehow Hot Pink was in the front of the line heading out of camp. This meant we all tried to go his pace, a fast 3.8 miles per hour up a decent sized hill. It warmed our legs up quickly and got us ahead of schedule right out of the gate. Once at the top, we enjoyed beautiful ridge line views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains. We stayed on the ridge almost the whole day. It was amazing scenery and easy trail for the rest of the day. I was really appreciative of this as we wanted to get to Donner Ski Ranch as soon as possible. They had food and drinks for us and we were excited for town food and some relaxing. Doing 27.7 miles is a great way to build up your appetite for dinner. The best part of the day was seeing Zipper, Rambo’s mom, show up at the restaurant. She came out to hike with Rambo for a few days and absolutely crushed it. There’s no way I could have come from off trail and done those miles. It was truly impressive. We all stayed up late at the restaurant and ended up camping just a short walk up the road in a sandy area near a parking lot.

Miles: 27.7 Total Miles: 1153.4

Pacemaker, Connor, Hot Pink, myself and Surefoot in front of Lake Tahoe

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