July 3, Day 73 – I hope I’m still doing this in my 60’s

I woke up with a lot of condensation but I didn’t care because I woke up to the smiling faces of Sure Foot, Hot Pink, Rambo and Zipper. I guess I passed them in the night. They kept going after quickly saying hi because the mosquitoes were bad. I packed up quickly and got on trail. I wasn’t sure how far they planned to go but I knew we had a pass to climb. I was excited because the other side of the pass had a nice big lake for me to swim in. At the top of the pass I met Frank, who was doing the Tahoe Rim Trail and had done the Colorado Trail in 2017. After swimming, it was almost all downhill to where we wanted to camp. The last few miles before camp had a little bit of uphill but it was easy because a mile before camp we found trail magic. They had fruit and soda and made us grilled cheese. It was the best trail magic yet. I also ran into Connor and Pacemaker there. I hadn’t seen Connor since mile 500 and Pacemaker since mile 77.

I meet a lot of people on trail from all walks of life. Frank stood out to me today. We talked for a while at the top of the pass and I learned he was doing the Tahoe Rim Trail at the age of 69. It’s inspirational to meet someone still out here doing long trails in their 60’s. I hope I can still be active and hiking that much when I’m older.

Miles: 26.8 Total Miles: 1125.7

Sunset in the Olympic Valley

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