June 30, Day 70 – Always trust your gut

It was bright and sunny when I woke up and I was cozy so I stayed in bed until 6:30. I was out of camp by 7 and had 15 miles done by noon. I had plans to do 30 until I got to highway 4 and saw Dave and Chipmunk doing trail magic. They offered me eggs, hash browns, chili and toast along with chocolate milk and coke. It was just what I needed after hiking 20 miles. I had eaten my 1500 calorie lunch only an hour before but it didn’t matter. They also had homemade brownies that tasted like Texas sheet cake. I should try and make some on a zero if we get an Airbnb. I was thinking of leaving and decided to stick around a little while longer to see who else showed up. It’s a good thing I did because someone ordered a vegetarian chili and Chipmunk made the wrong one so I got a second plate of chili. Always trust your gut and my gut said I was still hungry and not to leave. Around 4:30, after over 2 hours of relaxing, I decided to hike a few more miles. I got 5 miles down the trail and started to see some dark skies above the treeless trail ahead of me. My gut told me to find a spot to camp and get under cover as soon as possible. Maybe 10 minutes after I crawled under my tarp, it started raining and hailing. I was safe in a patch of trees and in my quilt. Trusting my gut paid off again. Today was a pretty great day. The trail was super mellow and easy so I got 25 miles in, spent 2 hours eating chili and drinking chocolate milk, and set up camp at 6:30.

A 30 mile hiking day would have been easy if weather and free food hadn’t prevented me. This excites me for the future. The trail is supposed to be similar to the trail today for the next 1,000 miles. Maybe 30s are the new 20s. My feet and legs feel good but that could change when I start doing 200 miles per week. Northern California and Oregon are where thru hikers generally pick up the pace and start doing more miles per day. We hope to do 25-30 per day in Northern California and 30-35 per day in Oregon.

Miles: 25.6 Total Miles: 1054.3

Looking north at the Mokelumne Wilderness as storm clouds start to form. I started moving pretty quick at this moment.

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