June 29, Day 69 – Turns out it does rain in California in summer

I woke up at 5:45 and jumped out of bed so I could be first in line at breakfast. I woke up hungry. Sweet P and Five Star were already there when I got there so we shared a table and had the place to ourselves for a bit. The pancakes were huge and the over easy eggs were cooked perfect. We filled up and then spent the next few hours resting and chatting before the shuttle would take us back to trail. I got lucky and found a shower token so I got another 13 minutes of hot water to myself. That was nice. Once back on trail, we all excitedly climbed the first big hill. It always feels good to be back on trail, especially without our bear cans! Our packs were light and we only needed 3 days to get to Tahoe. It’s 72 miles and we had a leisurely 3 days planned. The terrain was due to be easier and in the 10 miles I did today it was. I really enjoyed the walking today. At around 2pm it started raining and I luckily found a huge rock to hide under. It was pretty spacious and I was glad to stay dry for the 3 hours it rained and hailed. I didn’t get the miles in that I wanted to but I didn’t care. I was dry and I could make up the miles tomorrow. After it stopped raining, I did a few more miles to get to a campsite before it started up again. Being dry is underrated.

Today was the first time it rained enough for me to put my rain jacket on. It had rained on our day ascending Kearsage Pass but we got under the tent before it rained on us so I never put on my rain jacket. I actually had to use it briefly today. I’m glad it rained as much as it did since California can always use more rain but we have to be careful what we wish for. Rain storms here usually also bring lightning, a main source of wildfires.

Miles: 10.8 Total Miles: 1028.7

A combination of rain and hail fall while I take shelter under a rock

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