June 28, Day 68 – Bye-bye bear can

Today was a big day. We only had 14 miles and some gradual climbing to get into “town.” We made it to the road around noon and waiting for me there was the rest of the trail family from before Tehachipi. Anna (Rambo), Dan (Hot Pink), Hima (Microbe), and Sam (Sure Foot) were on their way out of town but waited at the road to say hi before they headed back into the woods. It was a joyous occasion. Sophie, Kendyl and I then headed down the road to Kennedy Meadows North Resort and Pack Station. Momma, the same trail angel that gave us rides out of Mammoth was there waiting for us and gave us a ride down the road. Once at the campground/resort, we ate lunch, washed our clothes, took showers and charged our electronics. For $30, we got laundry, showers, a place to camp, WiFi access and a ride back to trail the next day. The meals were excellent and the resupply had everything we need. They even had a new knorr rice side I haven’t had before. Flavortown and I did some pack shakedowns to decide what we really needed for this next stretch. I sent home my bear can, baselayers, gloves, extra water treatment, and a few other odds and ends. My pack will be about 4.5 pounds lighter. Sending the bear can home is something we have looked forward to since we got them 300 miles ago. We will not need them the rest of the trail and they weigh almost 3 pounds. When we leave tomorrow, my pack will be the lightest it has ever been for a 3 day food carry, about 17 pounds.

Miles: 14.2 Total Miles: 1017.9

Our last view of the High Sierras

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