June 27, Day 67 – I’ve been training for this my whole life

The three of us woke up a little earlier today than yesterday but we still didn’t leave camp until almost 7. We had less climbing to do today so we weren’t feeling too pressured to get moving. We had a climb of 800 feet then some downhill until we climbed another 1200 feet. After the second climb, we found a good break spot next to a river that wasn’t too overrun with mosquitoes. I had a few snacks then hurried up the last climb to get to Dorothy Lake. This is where we would have a big lunch and go swimming. It was hot out so I stayed in the water for a good 15-20 minutes. We enjoyed a nice break before climbing over Dorothy Pass and dropping down into a valley. A few miles past the pass, we hit the 1,000 mile marker! We took a lot of pictures and then carried on. We wanted to do 6 more miles and it was already 6pm. A mile or 2 later, I ran into a couple that I had met in Mammoth and they told me that Sophie (Magnet) and Kendyl (Narrator) were only a mile ahead. I hadn’t seen them since Tehachipi, 434 miles ago. I ran to where they were camped and we were reunited. It felt good to see old friends. I ended up camping with them and will catch back up with Fly, Koviet and Taters tomorrow when we get to Kennedy Meadows North.

I spent July 2003 at football practice every afternoon. It was generally 100 degrees outside and we would sweat a lot. At the end of practice, our coach would turn on the hose and spray us each so we could cool off. I thought of this a lot today while I hiked through the heat with a cool lake as my afternoon reward. It helped me mentally get through the day.

Miles: 24 Total Miles: 1003.7

1000 miles hiked, only 1653 to go!

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