June 26, Day 66 – Some miles are tougher than others

Fly, Koviet and I all slept in. I was the first to leave camp and I didn’t leave until 7. We had a long day planned and we were a little tired from the day before. We got our first climb out of the way and settled in under a tree next to a creek for our first break. There weren’t any mosquitoes so it was a nice break. We all talked about our other hobbies outside of hiking, mostly disc golf and rock climbing. They really got me interested in joining a climbing gym after trail. We then powered up another climb over Benson Pass. It had all the uphill and hard work of the many passes before it but none of the reward. I didn’t even take a picture at the top, just kept walking. Once down from that pass, we stopped at Smedberg Lake for lunch and a swim. I stayed in for close to 10 minutes because it felt so good. The water wasn’t too cold and it was hot outside today. This would be my last break until camp. We still had 9 miles to go and another pass. Our last climb of the day took us up and over Seavey Pass. It was very steep on both sides and we were all pretty sore in our joints and our muscles when we got to camp. We tried to have a peaceful dinner but the mosquitoes were out in full force. I quickly ate my rice and crawled into my bivy for the rest of my dinner. Tomorrow should be an easier day with 2000′ less of climbing than today. Today we did 5800′ of climbing and did about the same descent. It was rough.

Miles aren’t everything. Today’s 22 miles were significantly harder than yesterday’s 29. A smooth trail is much easier on the body than one full of rocks and roots. I’ve grown to appreciate trail builders and maintainers. When they put in the time and effort to make a trail enjoyable, it’s very appre

Miles: 21.9 Total Miles: 979.7

A small lake just before Seavey Pass

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