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July 2, Day 72 – I need to start eating more on trail

I spent most of my morning going back and forth to the post office or eating. They lost my package but eventually found it. I ate donuts, diner food and McDonalds. We checked out of the hotel at 12 and I had a hitch by 12:30. I was back on trail by 2 and found Magnet and Narrator a few miles later. We hiked together for 5 miles, where they found a campsite for the evening. They were headed into Tahoe the next day and I still had some miles to do. I ended up hiking until 10:30 to get 22 miles in. I was feeling good with a belly full of town food and fell asleep in a patch of grass next to Aloha Lake.

I’ve noticed the days that I eat a lot of food in the morning I am capable of doing more miles. I only ate 1 cliff bar while hiking today, surviving off the several thousand calories I ate in town this morning. At my next resupply I will try to buy more food. It’s heavy but probably worth it.

Miles: 22.1 Total Miles: 1098.9

Sunset as I approach Echo Lake
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