July 1, Day 71 – South Lake Tahoe!

Me and all my things were a lot drier than I thought they would be this morning. I guess it didn’t rain much overnight. I packed up quickly and was on trail by 6. I wanted to get to Carson Pass, 22.5 miles away by 2. The trail was nice again today and I made pretty good time. I ate a lot of cliff bars while walking and didn’t stop for a break the whole day. I made it to Carson Pass at 2:15 and there was a trail angel there waiting to see if anyone needed a ride to Tahoe. I was in luck and was in Tahoe by 3. I went to the post office for my packages then went to the hotel to see what the plan was with everyone else. We spent the evening doing the same thing we do in every town: eating, showering, doing laundry and buying our resupply. It was more fast paced than usual since I was only spending one night and getting out of town in the morning.

Miles: 22.5 Total Miles: 1076.8

Views from a ridge just south of Carson Pass

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