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June 24, Day 64 – 20 miles and a hot tub

Waking up in a bed with running water nearby and a flush toilet is pretty nice. Even a tiny run-down and overpriced motel 6 feels like luxury. Orange slice, Little Bag and I shared a room and all woke up pretty hungry. We met Fly and Taters outside then walked over to a diner for breakfast. Afterwards, I headed back to the room to finish up my chores. Orange Slice and Little Bag were staying another night so they weren’t in as much of a rush. I got everything packed up then we found out that Scoby had a hot tub and pool at his hotel so we headed there. We got in about an hour of pool time before I had to leave to get back on trail. I headed to Schats bakery for a deli sandwich, some cookies and a croissant. At 12:30, Momma picked up Fly, Taters, Koviet and I from the bakery and we headed to trail. It only took us an hour before we weren’t seeing a lot of day hikers anymore. We hiked through a popular area called Devils Postpile and there were a lot of nice smelling people in clean clothes. We moved up the mountain quickly to retreat back into the woods where we belong. It was a beautiful day of hiking through the Ansel Adams Wilderness and by Thousand Island Lake. It may have been the prettiest day on trail. And it was definitely one of my favorite days so far. The fact that I could eat breakfast and lunch in town and spend time in a jacuzzi and still do close to 20 miles was amazing. We entertained the idea of doing 30 miles tomorrow. No planning happened because that would be silly but we will make a decision at lunch whether we want to go for it. I’m camped with Fly and Koviet and they both like to do big miles as well.

Miles: 19.9 Total Miles: 928.5

Thousand Island Lakes at mile 924.8
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