June 23, Day 63 – 900 miles done!

Today was town day so I was moving quick. I covered the 8.7 miles to the road in under 3 hours and did a quick 100 yard side trip to a waterfall. With the large amount of day hikers around, I expected to get a hitch pretty quickly but it took over an hour. I guess families with kids don’t want a dirty, stinky hiker in the backseat of their minivan. Once in town, I took care of all my chores in one mad dash. Brunch then grocery then shower and laundry. I didn’t have much I needed to do so it was pretty quick. A big group of about 10 of us went to the brewery for dinner and got ice cream for dessert. We would all be splitting up tomorrow. Fly, Koviet, Taters and I weren’t taking a zero while some people were taking one and some were taking two. I’m looking forward to the miles we can do with this new group. We all want to go fast through the next stretch.

Miles: 8.7 Total Miles: 908.6

Rainbow Falls right outside of Red’s Meadow.

2 thoughts on “June 23, Day 63 – 900 miles done!

  1. Cheri Bonebrake

    Your hike is awe inspiring Jim! So proud of you and also envious of your life-time adventurous trip! Stay safe and enjoy everything…

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