June 22, Day 62 – My own private hot springs

I never know what I’m going to get myself in to out here. The day started pretty normal. I ate spoonfuls of peanut butter in bed, followed by cheezits and sour worms, completely ignoring the oatmeal I have extra of. I climbed over Silver Pass and was coming down the other side when Survivor caught up to me. He told me him, Orange Slice and Little Bag were headed to a hot spring on an alternate route. It only added .8 miles total to our journey and should not be missed. So, I did what I do best, and threw out my old plans for the day. I fell in line behind him and did my best to keep up with his “3.5 miles per hour no matter the terrain” pace. By 1pm we had done 16 miles and reached the hot springs. We ate lunch and drank some water before heading out to find these elusive hot springs hidden in the hill side. Little Bag and Orange Slice wouldn’t catch us until 4:30. They took their time unlike us. We chilled at the hot springs for a little while longer then went 3.2 miles to our camping spot for the night. We only have 6 miles to do tomorrow morning to get to town so we feasted. Everyone ate what they had left in their food bag and we shared our snacks. I have 2 clif bars and a cheese stick for the morning. I had a lot of fun today. The spontaneity of the adventure and the new friends made it feel refreshing and fun again.

Iva Bell Hot Springs we’re a true oasis. The hot water poured out of the side of the mountain and ran down between a series of pools. The closer you got to the source, the hotter the water. I settled into a pool near the bottom and it was still at least 90 degrees Fahrenheit. With the air temperature hovering around the same, I didn’t spend too long soaking in the spring. I think my favorite part about this side trip was that it was exactly that, a side trip. It’s exciting to get off the super highway that is the PCT and see what the local side trails have to offer. I’ll have to remember this and look for similar options in the future.

Miles: 19.3 Total Miles: 899.9

A waterfall we discovered a few miles into our hot springs detour.
The hot spring I chose with the spring flowing in from the left.

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