June 20, Day 60 – Extra food can be good or bad

I left camp just after 7, second behind Candy Corn. Everyone else was still in their tent or eating breakfast. The climb up to Muir pass was stunning. I would have made it up 30 minutes faster if I hadn’t been stopping to take so many photos and video. Once up top, we checked out the hut, ate some snacks and took some photos. Typical pass behavior. Though most don’t have cool huts like this one. We then had 18 miles of gradual downhill. It was much more enjoyable than the downhill the day before. For lunch, we found a big rock to sit on and soak up the sun. We also went for a swim. It was very refreshing. I spent the rest of the day walking alone. I put a headphone in and listened to music. I eventually ran into Tree Trunk and Tina Burrita. I hadn’t seen Tina since Tehachipi. It’s always fun to see people again that you haven’t seen in a while. I continued on and ended up doing just over 25 miles. I had wanted to do 30 but I took too long of a lunch for that to happen. I also realized today that I’m only 50 miles from Red’s Meadow and Mammoth so I changed my plans slightly. I think I can do 2 25 mile days to get there Tuesday night. I saw a coyote today after coming over the pass. It was scampering around at 11,000′. I had no idea coyotes would ever be up there. I also saw at least 10 deer today. We spent a lot of time near meadows.

I have a bad habit of packing way too much food. This is am generally a bad habit because it means I’m carrying too much weight. However, today it paid off. I’ll be able to spend another day on trail before resupplying. My original plan to go to Vermillion Valley Resort had me also doing 12 extra miles since it’s not right along the trail. Being able to push to Red’s Meadow and hitch to Mammoth means I don’t have to do any extra non-PCT miles. I’ll take the small victory.

Miles: 25.3 Total Miles: 856.1

Muir Hut atop Muir Pass. It was nice outside so we didn’t spend any time in it but it was cool to see.
One of the many lakes we walked by coming down the north side of Muir Pass

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