June 19, Day 59 – Taking our time to enjoy the scenery

Good morning mosquitoes. It’s so nice to see you again. The first hour of my morning was pretty awful. I had to deal with a lot of mosquitoes. I climbed quickly to get out of flying distance of the rivers and soon found reprieve. I also found candy corns sunglasses and returned them to her. She had been hiking back down to get them so I saved her some steps. After a couple of miles I stopped for a snack and was greeted by the most curious, or most hungry, marmot I have ever seen. It came to within 5 feet of me on several occasions. We hung out together for 20 minutes while I ate my food and he gave me the marmot version of puppy dog eyes. I snapped back to reality and saw the climb to the top of Mather Pass. It looked pretty smooth and ended up being so. It was an easy climb in comparison to some of the others we had done. At the top, I found Candy Corn, Toby, Snack Pack and Melanie enjoying the view. I was with friends again! We spent the rest of the day hiking and breaking together. We soaked our feet in the cold river at lunch. I decided not to swim today. Not sure why but just never thought about it. We had some more downhill after lunch that I was excited about. Then I wasn’t. I glanced upon a giant set of stairs and switchbacks that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. They destroyed my knees, ankles and feet. We pushed on to camp and arrived around 6:30. Plenty of time to rest and eat and heal. Price Point and Honeybear came walking into camp around 8. We had planned on camping at this spot when we were planning this stretch out at the coffee shop in Bishop. I’m glad we all stuck to the plan. For once the plan held together! This might be the first time all trail. It was good to camp in a big group again.

Today was fun. I enjoy every day out here but something about today just had me smiling from ear to ear. I had forgotten about the mosquitoes by the time I met the marmot. Climbing an easy pass and having a nice lunch spot helped keep my spirits high. I felt very present today. Yes, parts of today could have been better but I really enjoyed myself. I hope the rest of the one pass days we have planned feel this way.

Miles: 19.5 Total Miles: 830.8

Looking back at Mather Pass from our lunch spot
North of us is Kings Canyon of Kings Canyon National Park

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