June 17, Day 57 – When in doubt, pitch

We spent the morning eating and getting our things together. At 2:30, a trail angel named Don took us all the way from Bishop to Onion Valley Trailhead. We would climb 5 miles to the top of Kearsage pass then descend a bit over 2 miles to get within a half mile of the PCT. Right before we got to tree line before the pass, it started raining and sleeting and snowing on us so we pitched our tarps really quick and hid while the storm rolled through. Luckily we were quick with our pitching and we stayed below trees to hide from the lighting. I pitched my tarp tonight at camp just in case it rains again but I really don’t think it will.

One of the sayings we have is: When in doubt, pitch. This means that if we even think there might be a chance of rain, we pitch our tarps. This doesn’t apply to most people since it seems most people out here sleep in their tent every night anyways. But for people like me who like to sleep under the stars every night, I take a quick glance at the sky and make an educated guess. I haven’t been caught in a midnight rain storm yet. I’ve only pitched my tarp a few times as of today.

Miles: 0 Total Miles: 788.5

Honeybear, Price Point and I waiting out the storm underneath their tent.
Sunset colors over Bullfrog Lake from Kearsage Pass Trail near mile 790 on the PCT.

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