June 9, Day 49 – It’s cold!

We came into the Sierras with the plan to do around 15 miles per day and really enjoy it. This meant we sat around and didn’t leave camp until almost 8:30. We had water available every few miles and only needed to carry a liter at a time for the entire day. The miles were fairly easy today. The trail was smooth and the views were amazing. We started to get glimpses of big mountains rising above tree line. Our lunch spot was a bridge crossing the south fork of the kern river. It had swallow nests underneath and we enjoyed watching the swallows play in the wind. I think we sat there for 2 hours. After lunch, we had 5 more miles to do and about 2000′ of climbing that would take us up to 10,000′ above sea level for the first time since we climbed San Jacinto back at mile 180. We made camp among a group of boulders and trees to try to escape the howling wind. Tonight was the first time I felt cold and I put on all my layers. Once I was in my quilt and settled down for bed I warmed up and was asleep within 5 minutes.

The excitement was really brewing today. The higher we climbed into the mountains, the better views we had. It also got a lot colder as we climbed. 2 days ago I was sweating in the desert heat and now it’s going to be below freezing tonight. I’m ready for the change.

Miles: 15.5 Total Miles: 722.2

The view looking south from mile 722 just before we got to camp.

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