June 15, Day 55 – Town day!

I was out of camp by 6, on top of the pass by 7 and in the parking lot by 8:30. I tried to rush over in hopes of finding a stranger to give me a ride into town but it took an hour and a half before I saw a car leave. I’m still glad I pushed further yesterday and got up early today. The 5 miles I did was pretty easy and I feel relaxed and like I didn’t even hike today. As soon as I got to town, I headed for the bakery. It’s the most famous spot in town and the deli was top notch. After that, I perused the gear stores for some replacement items I needed. Once Price Point and Honeybear got to town, we got Mexican food. It was more delicious than I expected and they had really good chips and salsa. We then walked around town for a bit before we could check into our lodging at 3. I spent the rest of the evening doing laundry, buying my food for the next stretch and filling my belly with food and drink. I needed to replenish all of the missing nutrients my body needed. The processed food we eat on trail is not the healthiest stuff. Lots of veggies are always on the menu in town. I also planned the next stretch to Vermillion Valley Resort. It will take me about 5 days to go 90 miles.

Miles: 0 Total Miles: 788.5

Bullfrog Lake at 6:30am on the west side of Kearsage Pass.
Gilbert Lake on the east side of Kearsage Pass.

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