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June 14, Day 54 – It’s all downhill from here

After getting 10 hours of sleep, I woke up ready and excited to climb to the highest point on the PCT, Forester Pass. In a high snow year, it can be the most challenging day of the entire hike. Luckily, it’s a low snow year so it took us 30 minutes and we didn’t even break a sweat. Once at the top, we could see tall jagged peaks and clear alpine lakes for miles. We took a lot of pictures at the top then scurried down to our lunch spot next to a lake. I ended up being there for 2 hours. Leggo and I went for a swim. It was cold but refreshing. I then ran most of the next 3.5 miles to catch up to Price Point and Honeybear so I could see what our plan for camping was. As usual out here, plans mean nothing and we split up at the base of the hill. I decided to push a bit further and take the bullfrog lake trail to go over Kearsage pass and they decided to stay on the PCT a bit longer and take the kearsage pass trail. We are all planning on taking the kearsage pass trail when we come back to trail from Bishop so I found it worth it to do the extra 1.4 miles and couple hundred feet of climbing to see something different. I’m glad I did because the lake and backdrop were beautiful. I’m camping 1.1 miles from the base of the pass which means I only have about 6 miles and 800 feet of climbing to get out to onion valley trailhead and eventually Bishop tomorrow. If I wake up early, I could be eating in town by 10am.

I think I’ve said it already a few times but today is now the most beautiful day of hiking I’ve ever had. The Sierra Nevada range is stunning. If anyone ever wants to do a long hike through probably the most beautiful part of our country, look into the John Muir Trail. It’s 200 miles of big mountain, green valleys, and clear alpine lakes. The PCT and John Muir Trail are the same trail for about 180 miles so the next couple of weeks will give you an example of what it is like. However, pictures just do not do it justice. I’m going to start posting 2 pictures per day to try and show you how stunning it is out here.

Miles: 18.2 Total Miles: 788.5

The top of Forester Pass, facing south.
The view a few miles past Forester Pass in Kings Canyon National Park.
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