June 12, Day 52 – An easy day before a hard day

I was still in my quilt when Price Point and Honeybear rolled through camp. I had done a few more miles than them last night. We chatted for a bit and finally rolled out of my camp at 9:15. We only had to go 6.5 miles due to our plan to summit Mt. Whitney for sunrise tomorrow. It was an easy day and I had the chance to soak my feet in the creek. I even found a plastic lawn chair to sit in. We spent the day relaxing at Crabtree Meadow Ranger Station. It was the closest we were allowed to camp to Mt. Whitney. This means we have 7.9 miles to go in the morning to get to the top. We are trying to fall asleep by 7 in order to get up at midnight to do a sunrise summit.

Miles: 6.5 Total Miles: 767.0

My camp this morning along Rock Creek at mile 760.5

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