June 11, Day 51 – National Parks are necessary

We slept in again. I could really get used to this. I think I got 10 hours of solid sleep. Upon waking, I ate the biggest energy bar I had because I woke up super hungry. Stashed another one in my shoulder pocket for an hour later. We had 9 miles to get to our lunch spot, Chicken Spring Lake. Once there we all spread out in the sun and relaxed. Some of us even went for a quick dip in the lake. It was really cold but very refreshing. The sun warmed us up quickly. We left there at 3 and did an easy 9.5 miles into Sequoia National Park and down to Rock Creek. Today was by far the most beautiful day of hiking I think I’ve ever had. And it’s only supposed to get better. The miles seemed easier today than the last two days so I hope that means I am acclimating to the altitude. Lunch was at 11,218 and we are sleeping at 9525′.

We entered our first national park today, Sequoia National Park. When we leave this one, we will enter Kings Canyon National Park. The scenery and the trails will improve! We are so lucky to have places like this preserved so well. National Parks are not to be taken for granted. I’m so thankful we have opportunities to see this beautiful landscape in pristine condition.

Miles: 18.8 Total Miles: 760.5

The entrance to Sequoia National Park at mile 753.9

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