June 10, Day 50 – Finding solitude

Last night was cold and windy. I slept with all my clothes on except my rain jacket and wind pants. I also cinched my quilt down tight. I was able to stay warm and sleep well. Due to the cold and wind, I waited until the sun was well above the horizon before I got out of bed. I think it was close to 7 before anyone made any movement and almost 9 before we left camp. It was a bit foolish of us since we planned to do almost 20 miles today but everyone was too cold this morning. Once we got moving we warmed up. I was thankful we had a little bit of climbing to start our day so we could warm up faster. After 2 miles of climbing we had a 7 mile descent to water and our planned lunch spot. It was a beautiful day with magnificent trail and scenery. After lunch we started to hear the rumble and road of Air Force fighter jets. They were using this area as a training ground. Around 3:30 I was sitting at a saddle taking pictures of the valley below when a jet came soaring right over me. I’d guess they were maybe 100 feet above me. It was the closest I would get to anyone not in our trail family all day. I didn’t see a single other person besides the people we were hiking with. When we got to camp that night, we had about 100 tent sites to choose from. It was a big flat piece of land between the mountains. It was nice not seeing anyone else today. It was just price point, Honeybear, Pepe, Bloom, the goblins (Toby and snack pack), candy corn and myself. It’s a good crew that loves to laugh, take breaks and relax.

It was a weird mix of solitude and military industrial complex today. If the sky had been quiet, I would have felt the farthest from civilization that I had all trail. Unfortunately we heard the thunder of fighter jets all day. At times it was a little exciting see them do crazy maneuvers over the mountains but it reminded me of life outside of trail and detracted from my experience of being in the woods.

Miles: 19.5 Total Miles: 741.7

Price Point, Honeybear and Candy Corn at one of our many breaks.

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