June 7, Day 47 – Done with the Desert!

It was already light out at 4:45 since I camped on a ridge with no trees but I was able to pull my quilt over my eyes and get another hour of sleep. I then got out of camp in 15 minutes and was hiking by 6. I had a goal of doing 14.4 miles in 4 hours to make it to all you can eat pancakes from 10-11. I made it by 10:15 but I got too hungry while hiking and had to eat a couple bars and a knorr side so I wasn’t hungry enough to justify the pancakes when I got in. I spent the rest of the day lounging around at grumpy bears. Grumpy bears is a restaurant and bar but also has free laundry, showers and camping for hikers. The only things we had to pay for were WiFi and food, both of which were affordable. I met up with price point and honey bear again! I also got to see a few others I hadn’t seen in a while and had a very relaxing day. Tomorrow we enter the sierras!

Kennedy Meadows is the gateway to the Sierras. It’s where people generally pick up their ice axe, microspikes, and bear can. This year we don’t need an ice axe since it is such a low snow year. We are taking our microspikes out of caution but they probably won’t be needed. It’s the most exciting place to be right now. Everyone is ready to be in the big mountains and out of the heat!

Miles: 14.4 Total Miles: 702.2

The Kern River outside Kennedy Meadows at mile 698

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