June 6, Day 46 – The last full day of desert

I woke up at 5:45 to see Leggo had already left and the sun was fully above the horizon. How she managed to pack up and get out of camp while 2 feet away from me and not waking me up is a mystery. It only took me 15 minutes to pack up camp and an hour to catch her. Icewater woke up right as I was leaving camp. Leggo and I went to the spring a few miles down trail and had breakfast. Icewater skipped it since he had enough to make it to the next source. Once at the next water a few miles further we took another long break. Then we had a big climb to get up and over to a campground. Once there around 5:30 we spotted Ron. He is a trail angel that cooks hot dogs and provides chips, cookies, and sodas for hikers. It was a great dinner. I didn’t let it vortex me and got out an hour later. I wanted to camp on the other side of our final hill so it will be all downhill to Kennedy meadows tomorrow. I did my new longest day yet and it felt really good and easy. If I hadn’t taken so many long breaks I would have pushed further but it was getting dark and late and I wanted to get 8 hours of sleep.

The miles are starting to feel easier. But we will be in the Sierras soon and they definitely won’t be as easy. The sierras are higher in elevation with more ascents and descents. I’m excited for bigger mountains, better views and cooler weather but it was fun being able to do a couple 30 mile days without too much pain.

Miles: 30.9 Total Miles: 687.8

It’s starting to feel less like a desert near mile 684

2 thoughts on “June 6, Day 46 – The last full day of desert

  1. Yuri

    Hi Jim!
    The more I read your short stories the more jealous I feel about the way you are living your life now. What an adventure! And your style of narration feels just great 👍 The writer is hiding inside of you 😉 Keep moving and posting!
    Good luck!

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