June 5, Day 45 – KOAs are for more than just RVs

Not sure why or how but I got really good sleep last night. I only slept for 7 hours because we stayed up late but I woke up very refreshed. We immediately made plans to get a ride into town to go to the diner again for breakfast. As we are walking out to the road, a car immediately pulls a u turn and offers us a ride. They are an amazing couple who live in Bishop and own a motel in Independence. I’ll be going to both of these towns in the sierras. They had just returned from hiking part of the hayduke trail and then spending 6 weeks in Central America. They drove us 12 miles in the opposite direction they were headed. True legends. Breakfast was amazing and we quickly got a hitch after to get back to the KOA for pool time. We got in a solid few hours before any kids showed up. We then hitched back into town for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Once back at the KOA we swam some more and talked about plans for the evening. We settled on spending as much time in the pool as possible and just doing 5 miles. We had done 0.8 miles before receiving a slice of pizza and cold water from a stranger on the road. That helped us climb faster. At the top of the climb, we were greeted with an amazing sunset pictured below. We got into camp around 9:30 and found a spot out of the wind.

Miles: 5.6 Total Miles: 656.9

Sunset from mile 653.9

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