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June 4, Day 44 – Milkshakes bring all the hikers to town

I woke up and immediately saw I was sleeping on horse shit. Not again. This is what I get for setting up in the dark and being respectful of others and using my red light. The climb up in the morning was much more gradual and easy than I expected. It was also shaded. Once up top, I took a break with GQ, Leggo and Dragon. I’d continue to leapfrog with GQ all day as we moved from shade to shade to stay out of the heat. It got up to 100 today but we luckily had a decent amount of shade. I didn’t even have to drink the full 5 liters I carried. Once we got to Walker Pass we were met with trail magic. Orange juice, ice and fresh fruit! I also was able to get a ride into town to go to the post office before they closed. Right when I got back, Ice Water and Leggo and I hitched a ride into Lake Isabella to get milkshakes at a diner. They had close to 50 unique milkshakes. I was in heaven. Still just got an Oreo. Maybe I’ll be more adventurous at breakfast tomorrow. We camped at a KOA and went swimming and had long hot showers then stayed up late talking. The night hiking we have been doing has changed our sleep schedules slightly.

Miles: 20.4 Total Miles: 651.3

Sunrise from mile 632
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