June 3, Day 43 – Trail registers are fun!

I don’t think we left camp before 8 this morning. After getting in late last night, everyone needed to sleep in. This may have been a bad move as I just now crawl into my quilt at 10:45pm. It was closer to 100 degrees Fahrenheit today so we only did 9 miles before 4pm. Once it started cooling off, we felt safe to go out into the sun. We spent the better part of the day under my tarp at a water cache. Then we did 13 miles from 4-10:30. The trail was pretty good terrain but it was very sandy. Climbing a hill in the dark in sand is one of the worst hiking experiences I’ve had yet. Today was definitely the hardest day on trail for us. But we are excited for what’s to come. We have 20 miles to do tomorrow to get into town. Then we can indulge in all of our hearts and stomachs desires. I’m camped with Icewater, GQ and Leggo. Landon and Joscelyn didn’t make it as far as I did after our siesta.

Miles: 22.0 Total Miles: 630.9

Here is an example of a trail register. It’s usually a piece of paper in a metal box. Everyone signs it as they pass by so you can see when your friends came through. I recognize 12 names on this list.

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