June 2, Day 42 – Miles are easier south company

Last night was my first time camping alone all trail. I could have camped half a mile back at the spring with people but I didn’t want to stick around to find out what that skunk wanted. I didn’t see anyone until close to 10 when I found Landon and Joscelyn. I hadn’t seen them since the day we camped on the beach and got burgers in town, Day 21. We leapfrogged throughout the day until we all took a long break at a spring. It ended up being a 3 hour siesta. I originally planned to do 32 miles today to get to a water cache but I put smiles before miles. It was nice to hike with people again and they didn’t want to go as far as I did. The hiking was not too bad today except for the heat. I found myself rationing water for the first time all trail. Also I hit the 600 mile mark today!!!

The miles are a lot easier to walk when you have someone to talk with. It’s better than listening to music or podcasts.

Miles: 25.1 Total Miles: 608.9

It’s common to find the mile marker in rocks or sticks at each hundred interval.

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