June 1, Day 41 – Snakes and skunks and scorpions

Today started at 5am Dallas time. I had to take 2 planes, a taxi and a bus to get to trail. Luckily my timing was spot on and I was at the bus stop 7 minutes early. It was my final leg of the journey and being late would have meant a 4 hour delay. I was hiking by 12:15. It’s tough coming back from a 5 day break. Mentally I was ready but my body had forgot what it meant to hike all day. I found myself to be struggling more than I thought I would. I’m hoping it was just temporary stuff from the first day back. Because of this, I camped 3 miles short of my goal. It’s nice to see the stars again. I missed them. Tonight is my first night camping alone. I really like it. I love hiking with my friends and being in a group but it sure was nice just hiking until I wanted to stop and finding a nice quiet little spot just for me. Since I don’t use a tent most night, all I need is a flat piece of land 7 feet long and 3 feet wide. Hiked with Brook and Kira (y’all let me know if I spelled that wrong.) I hadn’t seen them since the ostrich farm and it was good to catch up for a bit.

I saw 2 snakes, a skunk and a scorpion within an hour of each other. The two snakes were as I was coming into camp, near where the picture below was taken. The skunk showed up in camp next to the water. As I was leaving the water after dark, I saw a tiny scorpion on the trail. He was glowing yellow.

Miles: 17.3 Total Miles: 583.8

Sunset from mile 579

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