May 26, Day 35 – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

I woke up at 4:30 to see Rambo (Anna), Hot Pink (Dan), Microbe (Hima), and Sam packing up. I asked why they were leaving so early and they said so they could get on the 8:15 bus into town to get diner food. A light turned on in my head and I quickly deflated my pad. Once I deflate my pad, there’s no turning back. I was out of camp 20 minutes after them but caught up a few miles in. We only had 8.5 miles to go and we had 3.5 hours to do it. Before the trail, I would have been worried about this but we were 500 miles in and had no worries about being late. We took a break to eat an orange I had carried from the water cache the night before and still made it to the road with 30 minutes to spare. The hiking was mostly downhill and we were excited for breakfast.

I started to say we were excited for town but we never actually are. We are excited for town food and maybe a bed for a night but the idea of town and chores is stressful. After breakfast, I called Enterprise to pick me up so I could get my rental car to go to LA. Turns out there is some kind of car shortage. The rental agent asked if I had seen the news about it and I laughed. I haven’t read any news since April 22. I plan on keeping this streak going as long as possible.

Miles: 8.5 Total Miles: 566.5

When you need to wash all of your clothes, you make a skirt out of your groundsheet and hope you don’t get kicked out of the laundromat for indecent exposure. This is Sam trying his best to stay civilized.

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