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May 25, Day 34 – When in doubt, push

When I woke up at 6:30, AB and Tina Burrita were already gone. I packed up quickly and was walking by 7. All the pain I had when I fell asleep was gone and I cruised through the first 4.5 miles to find the rest of the crew still getting ready. I stuck around with them for a while before pushing the 8 miles to a creek. Once at the creek, I found Din. We all took a nice siesta and ate a lot of food. We all had extra and are going to be in town tomorrow. Din and I started the big climb to the water cache around 3:15 and made it there by 5. While sitting there cooking dinner, the trail angels that stock it showed up and brought us fresh fruit and homemade cookies. This was exactly what I needed before doing 9.5 more miles to get to camp. Most of the last miles were downhill so I spent a lot of time practicing my trail running. When I’m a day out from town and only have 2 liters of water my pack weighs about 14 pounds. Which is half what it weighed when I left Wrightwood. I made plans today for Din and I to go to LA. We are very excited. Also we set our alarms for 3:30 to wake up and see the lunar eclipse.

Some days we make concrete plans. Some days we make rough plans. Today was a rough plan. When we got to the water cache, we decided that we felt good and should try to make it as close to the road to town as possible. We hiked into the night a bit and settled down as soon as we saw Hot Pink, Microbe, Rambo and Sam. Sam and I have some guidelines we like to say when making decisions. The first one is: When in doubt, push. Pushing more miles is almost always worth it.

Miles: 27.4 Total Miles: 558

The sunset was one of the best of my life. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Taken near mile 553.
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