May 24, Day 33 – Dancing in the moonlight

It’s hard to get out of bed knowing you have to walk 11 miles on a road. I was still pretty excited to get going. I ate a couple of energy bars in bed and slowly made my way out of camp by 6:30. Ana, Din, Jake, Marie and I walked most of it together. Din split off at a different road to take a shortcut while Jake and Marie took a longer break. Ana and I walked the remaining few miles then the 6 trail miles into town together. We had plans to get to Hikertown by 3 then hitch to a market for a small ressuply. However, as you may know by now, plans can change fast. The rest of the crew had gotten to hikertown earlier that day or the night before and were planning on walking the aqueduct tonight. Ana and I had plans to walk it early the next morning but I was too excited to be back with the group. I decided to join them for the night hike. We had glow sticks, a killer playlist and an abundance of laughter. The walking tonight was entirely on dirt or paved road and was very flat. I was able to walk my first 30 miles in a day. Half a mile later, I made it to the 20% done marker. This was a monumental day. I’m physically exhausted but mentally wide awake. Also the full moon is really bright. I still fell asleep within 10 seconds of getting into my quilt.

We had been talking about the aqueduct off and on since the start of the trail. It’s a 24 mile stretch famous for being very hot with little shade. Most people night hike it like us. It was a party. I think this helped me to have the energy to walk 30 miles. My shins hurt pretty bad at the end of the day but that’s due to walking on concrete and asphalt for half the day.

Miles: 30.6 Total Miles: 530.6

As the sun went down, we took out the glow sticks.

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