May 23, Day 32 – When life gives you jeans, make jorts

I was excited for today when I woke up. We only had to go 15 miles. I wasn’t sure if we would see the rest of the crew but when we got to the fire station at the bottom of the hill, they were still there. We all made plans to get lunch together in Lake Hughes and headed one by one over the hill. The Rock Inn and restaurant had the best burgers in town so we headed there. It was a beautiful day and we all sat on the patio. After a long break, Din, Ana, Jake, Marie and I headed to the Ostrich farm. A local ostrich farm called Quail Run Ranch was offering us a place to camp for $5. They had shade, running water, and electricity. Worth the $5. I technically only walked 15 miles today but skipped some PCT miles due to a road walk that is shorter than the trail so the numbers below are different than what I walked.

The jeans I found yesterday became my town shorts today. I took a short break, got out a tiny pair of scissors and cut the jeans. They are the perfect length. Not too short, not too long. I changed into them before getting to the restaurant so I could surprise the group with my new look. I think I turned every head in the restaurant that day.

Miles: 25.8 Total Miles: 500!

Jorts are great for town, not so great for trail. They’re definitely a luxury item. I can’t wait to wear them on top of Mt. Whitney.

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