May 22, Day 31 – This trail was made for walking

I woke up in a parking lot next to horse poop. It was the price I paid for selecting my campsite after dark. I didn’t care at all. We were out of “camp” by 6:30 and started climbing right out of town. When we got to the top of the climb, I was rewarded with one of the next pieces of trash I’ve found to date, a pair of jeans. They looked pretty clean but they didn’t belong on trail so I packed them out. We took a nice siesta there as well with amazing views. The rest of the day was rolling hills and very easy walking. We had good water sources and easy climbs. 20 miles today was pretty fun. I didn’t notice the lack of sleep affecting me. We took lots of breaks and still got to camp by 5. Ana, Kendyl, Connor and I joined Jake and Marie at a saddle. We set ourselves up for an easy 15 mile day tomorrow.

The Pacific Crest Trail is open to hikers and horseback riders. It’s really nice that we don’t have to worry about mountain bikes, ATVs or other fast moving people. Unfortunately some people don’t always follow the rules and we saw signs of dirt bike use on trail today. I’m not sure of all of the reasons for this rule but I do know that dirt bikes tear up the trail in a way hikers and horses do not. I really enjoy that this trail is made for going slow.

Miles: 19.8 Total Miles: 474.2

I love that we can often see the trail for a mile in front and behind us. This was taken around mile 460.

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